Miami Springs / Virginia Gardens Soccer Club Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop young people as leaders who, through competitive soccer, will raise the quality and awareness of the benefits of team sports in the Miami Springs/Virginia Gardens and surrounding communities.


  • Raise the level of each player from average to good and from good to exceptional based upon the technical, tactical, physical and psychological fundamentals of the game.
  • Foster a group training atmosphere in which the good of the whole group is valued as well as the needs of the individual.
  • Educate our teams by passing along our knowledge and life lessons so they can learn from them and those who have been in our programs previously.
  • Show respect for one another as well as others, and create an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment for all.
  • Constantly reassess our programs to enable participation to develop an attitude of higher achievement and sportsmanship that will carry over into areas of education, citizenship, community responsibility, physical and mental fitness.
  • Identify players with outstanding potential and place them in a learning environment designed to encourage personal development.
  • Assist high school players with their recruiting opportunities at the collegiate level to participate as student athletes.
  • Elevate the profile and image of Miami Springs/Virginia Gardens at the local, regional and national levels.

MSVG Soccer Club Mission Is To

  1. Provide organized youth soccer for all levels of play (Rec-Signature-Club)
  2. Provide a safe, fun and rewarding experience for all players, volunteers & families
  3. Develop skills and knowledge of the game of soccer for players, coaches, referees and parents

MSVG Soccer Club Goals Are To

  1. Grow and develop the organization for the community of MSVG
    1. Increase player participation – full service soccer club (Rec, Signature, Club & Referee programs)
    2. Provide opportunities for volunteers to contribute to BSA and the community
    3. Provide each player with the training needed to play the game
  2. Improve the organization’s resources (fields, services & programs)
  3. Improve our coaches’ understanding of the game